Reverse Stamping Christmas Stocking Nail Art Video Tutorial

I’ve really been enjoying doing advanced Reverse Stamping, you can create some stunning designs! 

Products used:

1. O.P.I Glitter Off base coat.

2. Born Pretty Store gold stamping polish 6ml.

3. Born Pretty Store Christmas stamping image plate.

4. Born Pretty Store Christmas galaxy marshmallow stamper.

5. O.P.I – Coca-Cola Red.

6. New York Color – Foil Explosion Green.

7. O.P.I Top Coat.

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Green Ombre Nail Art Video

This was filmed back when my nails were long… 😭 I’m still grieving. 

Products used in this video:

1. O.P.I Glitter Off base coat.

2. Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear – White On.

3. Essie – Fashion Playground.

4. NYC In A New York Color Minute – 

5. China Glaze – For Audrey.

6. Water decals. 

7. O.P.I Top Coat.

As always, if you have any enquiries about the design or products used, feel free to email me at I hope you enjoyed the video!


O.P.I Glitter Off | Swatch & Review

So, as promised, here is my review for O.P.Is’ Glitter Off base coat. This can be found at most mainstream online shops (eBay, Amazon, Nail Polish Direct, Rainbow Connection ect…) for around £8 – £15. 

I’m going to start by saying that buying this product can be tricky if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for. If you search ‘peel off base coat,’ this product probably won’t show up. Purely because, this is not listed by O.P.I as a peel off base coat. It is listed as Natural Nail Base Coat (peelable nail polish.) Most of O.P.Is’ base coats are called ‘Natural Nail’ base coats. The only noticeable difference when searching for this product is the cap. Which says ‘Glitter Off.’ So, I would suggest searching ‘O.P.I Natural Nail Base Coat,’ this should give you the best results. 

Anyway, here is my swatch video. 👇

Pretty impressive right? 

I also tried this peel off base coat with glitter on for 24 hours and, just like in the video, there was no chipping or lifting anywhere. 


The application with this product is good, it is on the thinner side and will easily flood your cuticles if too much is applied to the nail at once. The brush is great, unlike most polish brushes, this is short. The bristles are short and a decent width so the three stroke technique can certainly be used. 


This base coat is glue based, so it goes on white and streaky, but dries clear. It dries a little matte, and very smooth. It does take about 4 – 5 minutes to dry. Which, in my books, isn’t too bad.


As said above and in the video, this is very durable. I washed up and took showers without anything chipping or lifting. With both glitter and ordinary nail polish.


The removal is very easy. As you saw in the video, I just used an orange wood stick (wooden cuticle pusher) and started from the cuticle to the tip. I had to push quite hard to get it to lift at first, but then it came off in two clean pieces and left no trace. I have had them come off in once piece to.

All in all, this is my new favourite base coat. I don’t like using nail polish remover so this was the answer to my prayers. 

This peel off base coat gets a 4 out of 5 from me.

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Models Own – Obsidian | Swatch & Review

Hi everyone, another nail polish review blog for you today. 

I’m going to start off by saying that this is one of my all time favourites. It’s a black jelly base with silver glitter and holographic hexes. Here’s my swatch video. 👇

So, it’s a two coater. Which is good. It kind of comes out grey on the first coat, but the colour deepens on the second coat. You get a decent amount of glitter on the nail but it does take a bit of manipulation to disperse those holo hexes evenly. It is quite a thick polish, but it isn’t the type of formula that works with thin coats. I had to apply two relatively thick coats because the colour just doesn’t transfer to your nail, you get a tiny bit of streakage. (I don’t know if that’s a word but it is now. 😝) So thicker coats definitely works best, that’s probably why I only needed two. 

Like a lot of glitter polishes, it does dry matte and dull. But a thick coat of top coat works wonders. It really brings out that shine. 

This polish gets a 3 out of 5 from me.

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Models Own – Sardonyx | Swatch & Review

Hi everyone, I have a nail polish swatch and review for you today. First of all, watch the video below to see how it applies and dries! 

So, it takes three coats to become completely opaque, but, if you’re not picky about coverage like I am, you could probably get away with two. 

On the first coat, it looks more of a pink colour. But the colour does deepen on the next coat. It isn’t one of those glitter polishes that requires manipulation to disperse the glitter evenly, you get a good amount of glitter with every stroke. The downside to this polish is that it dries very matte and dull. You will need a thick coat of top coat to sort this. However, once the top coat is on, it has a stunning colour. It’s relatively easy to apply, it is on the thicker side but it’s not gloopy at all. You don’t get brush strokes or streaks. Because it is a glitter polish, it is difficult to remove. But with a decent peel off base coat, it shouldn’t be a problem. 

Isnt it stunning? It’s a very classy looking colour. 

This polish gets a 3 out of 5 from me. 

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Black & Red Glitter Nail Art Video Tutorial

Hi everyone! For the first time in a while, I can actually tell you what’s coming up in the next few weeks. 

First I have the swatch and review video and blog for the black holographic glitter polish used in the video below.

Then the same above but with the red glitter polish, again, used in the video below. 

After that, a nail art video.

Then, a swatch and review video and blog for O.P.Is’ Glitter Off base coat.

Next, a review blog for O.P.Is’ Breakfast At Tiffany’s On The Go kit.

Then another nail art video. 

It’s not like me to have things planned out, I normally just wing it. But I got a some nail mail today that definitely deserves a blog review. 

So anyway, back to the task in hand, below is the video for my latest mani! 

Products used for this design:

1. O.P.I – Glitter Off base coat.

2. Models Own – Sardonyx.

3. Models Own – Obsidian.

4. Caution Vinyls – Straight line vinyls. (Variety pack.)

5. O.P.I – Top Coat.

If I’m honest, I’m not entirely happy with this design. I wish I’d used a brighter red. It isn’t that noticeable against the black. That’s why the photo isn’t too good, it was the only way to show the design. Lesson learned. Perhaps I’ll redo this mani in the future. 

Thank you for reading! :mrgreen:

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Nail Art On Short Nails

So, this is my first blog in a while. I mean, a proper blog. No nail polish or product reviews today. I wanted to talk about nail art on short nails. A kind of confidence boost for those of you that aren’t happy with the length of your nails.

So, this picture. 👇 Is a picture of one of my first nail art designs. I didn’t shape them, I didn’t put fancy base coats or oils on them, in fact, I think when these were done, I didn’t even own a base coat. And clearly, I hadn’t even heard of a clean up brush! 😂 

At that point, I was aspiring to have nails like Christine’s from Simply Nailogical, or Sveta Sanders and twi_star. Compared to theirs, my nails looked nothing special. But, I’m a positive person, so, I looked for the positives. They were beginners at one point! I bet you any money you like that they, at one point or another, got frustrated with all nail art and didn’t pick up a nail polish for a week or so. What I’m saying is, this happens when you’re starting anything new. As they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Having patience and acceptance is great for slowly building yourself up. 

The picture above was taken just over a year ago, this is one of my latest designs. 👇

I would say that I’ve come a long way in a year. After a lot of time, dedication and money, I’m really starting to get somewhere. I started pages on most social media platforms for my nail art. I tried my best to get myself out there. It’s paying off. Recently, my posts have been liked by Sally Hansen, Orly, Floss Gloss, Tux Polish, Barry M and more… I’m not bragging, I’m saying that it took me over a year to get this far. I guess the moral of this story is don’t be so hard on yourself! 

I see a lot of hate messages online from people commenting on posts saying ‘your nails are too short’ or ‘you should use some oil.’ Which, in this day and age is inevitable, but, completely unnecessary. I don’t understand why people don’t like nail art on nails that don’t reach the end of the finger tip. What’s so wrong about it? I can’t grow my nails very long at all. They get to about two thirds of a centimetre above my fingertips, and then, if I try to grow them longer, they break. It has always happened. So, I don’t grow them any longer than that. But some people can’t have longer nails at all, they find them awkward and easily breakable. Which, I can completely sympathise with. 

I went through a phase of hating the length of my nails, so I used fake ones. 

Which now, I deeply regret. Only now, my nails have recovered. I still have a few ridges. I learnt my lesson there. Embrace what you naturally have.

I think that anybody can do nail art, with any length of nails. It’s just a case of making the most of what you have. I like the length of my nails now. Yes, they break, yes, they’re relatively short. Yes, occasionally I do have to cut them right down and let them regrow. But, they’re easy to manage and I still have plenty of nail art space on them. 

Love your nails! 😘

I hope you enjoyed this blog! 

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Anne. X

French Tip Nails With White Lace Stamping

The video for this rather elegant design is now up on my YouTube channel! Click the link below to see it now. 

It will be up on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WordPress and Tumblr tomorrow. @sally_hansen @bornprettystore @bornprettynail #Nail #Nails #Nailart #Art #Nailpolish #Nailvarnish #essie #essieallure #allure #nailartstamping #stamping #bornprettystore #frenchtip #frenchtipnails #sallyhansen #whiteout #sallystyle #O.P.I

Anne. X

My Halloween Nail Art

​So, Halloween is upon us. Again… 😒 I hate Halloween but seeing as this is my first year doing nail art, I thought I ought to join the craze. So, the video for my obligatory Halloween nails will be up very soon. 👻 (Though I have to say, I am rather enjoying these Halloween emojis.) 😉 If you can’t wait, you can head to my YouTube channel by clicking the link here. 👇 To watch it now!